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Teeth and Gums Roswell, GA

Are Obesity and Gum Disease Linked?

It is already understood that the health of your gums is highly influenced by the health of your body, and vice versa. Untreated gum disease has been linked to stroke, heart disease, premature birth and other serious health conditions. But could your body weight play a role in your periodontal health? A recent study at

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Closeup of Woman Flossing Teeth Roswell, GA

Is Oral Irrigation A Flossing Solution For You?

Optimal oral health demands two daily tasks: brushing and flossing. Both remove plaque, which is that thin film of bacteria and food particles that starts to accumulate just minutes after you eat. Brushing tackles the plaque from the broad surfaces of your teeth, but flossing is the only way to get in between those teeth.

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