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The Surprising Dangers of Over Brushing

Brushing your teeth is a critical step to optimal dental health. You should brush twice a day, for two minutes each session. However, while it may seem like an odd topic, there is such a thing as over brushing, or brushing too much. If you brush too long, too hard or too often, you are

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Understanding Composite Dental Fillings

Most of us know that fillings are what dentists use to repair cavities. For over a hundred years, a material known as amalgam was used as a dental filling. This material is superior in durability and strength, but sadly, it is equally unattractive. Amalgam fillings have fallen out of favor in place of the more

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What to Expect from a Routine Dental Visit

When it comes to protecting your smile health, regular oral care at home must be combined with routine checkups/cleanings. While many common oral health issues can be prevented with good oral hygiene, but even with meticulous care for your teeth, professional exams and cleanings are still needed. Here is a closer look at what happens

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Stopping Gum Disease In Its Tracks

Gum disease, or periodontal disease, is one of the most serious oral health conditions. While you may not see notable damage on the outside, progressive gum disease can do irreversible damage on the inside. This include damage to the gums, tooth roots and jaw bone as well as your cardiovascular health if it is not

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Could I Benefit from Dental Veneers?

Are you covering up your teeth when you smile? Many patients struggle to find pride or confidence in their smile when their teeth are crooked, stained or otherwise flawed. The good news is that a cosmetic dentist can offer an instant solution. Porcelain veneers represent one of the most life-changing procedures in cosmetic dentistry. In

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Morning Breath Versus Halitosis?

It is rare to find an individual who hasn’t experienced bad breath. People of all ages can suffer from foul breath, especially in the morning or after eating potent foods. However, while bad breath is never welcome, it is important to understand when it is normal and when it is not. For example, having “morning

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Getting to Know Your Roots

When you consider your roots, you may think of where you grew up, the roots of your hair or the roots of your spring flowers. Regardless of which definition that comes to mind, “roots” are known as the part that gives foundation and life. Your tooth roots are no different. The Value of Your Tooth

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Preventing Tooth Loss in Older Adults

All your life you have heard about the importance of keeping your teeth clean for fear of tooth decay. Chances are, you have been told you had a cavity at some point in time. You likely had a dental filling to repair that cavity or maybe even a root canal and crown if the decay

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Do You Need More than a Basic Teeth Cleaning?

Good oral health starts with a clean mouth. Clean teeth not only make you feel better about your appearance, but they are also critically important to your overall health. Regular cleaning removes surface stains from colored beverages that dull your smile. Teeth cleaning can also help ward off gum disease, which can lead to early

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