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Boost Your Dental Health with Vitamin D

Brushing and flossing are certainly your best weapons against cavities and gum disease. But did you know that you can support your oral health with your diet too? One of the most influential vitamins towards healthy teeth and gums is Vitamin D. While calcium may get all the attention for keeping your teeth and bones

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Fun Facts About Your Oral Health

Your smile is one of the most powerful assets that you own. Since your teeth and gums are what make up that smile, it is important to do all you can to care for them. Just like many other things in life, the more we know and understand about our oral health, the better we

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Dental Patient Roswell, GA

Flu Season and Your Dental Health

Cold and flu season can be daunting. If you are one of the unlucky victims of the flu virus, your entire body can feel the impact in significant ways. In fact, even your teeth can suffer the effects of the cold and flu virus. Here’s some insight as to how your dental health can be

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Dental Procedure Roswell, GA

Cavity Repair: What Can I Expect?

Did you know that the average person will have to get at least one dental filling during their lifetime? While we do our best to help patients prevent tooth decay, it is a common dental health problem that does occur from time to time. Most patients don’t even know they have a cavity until they

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The ABC’s of a Healthy Smile

Is your oral health a priority? Many people spend substantial time and money in keeping their bodies in top condition. However, they neglect to realize the important link between oral health and body health. By keeping your mouth healthy, you can protect and improve the health of other vital systems in your body – such

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Cosmetic Dentistry

The Importance of Strong Enamel

The enamel of your teeth is the outer layer of protection. It is also the hardest and most mineralized substance in your entire body. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean your enamel is invincible. In fact, this outer covering of your teeth can be quickly compromised by the acids created by oral bacteria. When enamel wears thin,

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Tooth Decay and the Aging Adult

Teeth are designed to last a lifetime, but they will always demand proper care to retain their condition. While it is common to focus on cavity prevention for kids, the aging adult is also susceptible to a certain type of decay. If you were born prior to the 1970’s, you may be facing root decay.

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Dental Patient Roswell GA

Does Your Dental Filling Need Replacement?

Starting from a very young age, you learned that decay (or cavities) was the biggest threat to your oral health. While cavities aren’t the only dental health issue, they are certainly one of the most common – and they aren’t just for kids. Adults can suffer from tooth decay too. In fact, the Centers for

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Top Reasons to Replace a Missing Tooth

Your adult teeth are meant to last a lifetime. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen. Teeth may need to be removed when damage is too extensive to repair, such as after accidental trauma or when there is severe infection or decay. Regardless of how you lost your tooth or where it is in your mouth, it

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