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Happy three generation family.

Can You Blame Your Dental Health Problems on Your Parents?

Just like the appearance of your eyes or nose, you can also trace some of the aesthetic features of your smile back to your parents or grandparents. But what about the health of your smile? While you can’t solely blame your genes for your frequent cavities or struggle with gum disease, they may be playing

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Afro-American woman brushing her teeth in front of the bathroom mirror.

3 Daily Habits That Weaken Your Teeth

If you brush your teeth twice a day and consider yourself a good flosser, why are your teeth getting weaker instead of stronger? It may be some of your everyday habits that are sabotaging the strength of your smile. Weak teeth are often sensitive and especially vulnerable to cavities and damage. To avoid enamel weakening

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Are You a Candidate for Dental Implants?

Missing teeth is a serious concern. Not only do missing teeth cause aesthetic threats and eating difficulties, but they can also lead to several oral health problems as the adjacent teeth migrate towards the open gaps in your smile. Fortunately, modern dentistry offers top ranked teeth replacement options, including the gold standard of dental implants.

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A smiling little boy in a dental chair showing his thumb up.

What to Look for in a Pediatric Dentist

Treating the youngest members of your family is something we look forward to at the office of Dr. Mitzi Morris. While our office is equipped to care for adults, you’ll find that we offer special amenities for kids too. We pride ourselves on being a dental practice where your entire family can feel at ease.

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Dental Patient

Top Three Ways to Repair a Damaged Molar

Due to their primary role of grinding our food and their hard-to-reach location in the back of the mouth, the molars can be extra vulnerable to damage. Not only can these teeth suffer a fracture from biting down on something too hard, but they can also become weak and damaged when decay is not treated

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man with a toothache

Jaw Pain is No Joke

Do you suffer from frequent tension headaches, ear pain or persistent tightness in your jaw? When the jaw joint (temporomandibular joint) becomes irritated or gets out of place, disruptive issues can result. For many, TMJ problems can pose a significant threat to their quality of life and oral health. You may avoid eating certain foods

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Whitening Teeth Roswell GA

Teeth Whitening: What Are My Options?

Do you wish your smile was brighter? White teeth are highly desirable for teens and adults of all ages. Not only do whiter teeth look healthier, but they can even make you look younger, increase your chances for a promotion at work and boost your overall self-esteem. Unfortunately, there are many factors that can sabotage

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A little happy girl in a witch hat leaning over Halloween sweets.

Defending Your Smile This Halloween

It’s no surprise that Halloween is among the least favorite holidays for a dentist. A full night of bathing your teeth in sticky sugary treats will make any dentist wince in fear. However, we are not here to squelch your fun. We want families to enjoy the once-a-year chance to dress up and gather treats

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White teeth smile

The Surprising Dangers of Over Brushing

Brushing your teeth is a critical step to optimal dental health. You should brush twice a day, for two minutes each session. However, while it may seem like an odd topic, there is such a thing as over brushing, or brushing too much. If you brush too long, too hard or too often, you are

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