Is Sparkling Water Harmful to Your Smile?

Roswell GA DentistWithout question, water is the best drink for your smile. But this doesn’t mean that all types of water are good for your teeth. Today’s supermarkets contain countless water varieties, including several sparkling water brands. While you can count sparkling water towards your daily intake of H20, this variety doesn’t have the same benefits towards your teeth. In truth, if you live in the city, tap water is perhaps the best type of water for your dental health because it contains fluoride. When it comes to sparkling water, however, studies show that it’s the most harmful type for your pearly whites.

Dangers of Sparkling Water

The bubbly and often flavored nature of sparkling water may be more desirable to drink, but the harm doesn’t outweigh the good in terms of your oral health. And since we know that your oral health is directly linked to your overall health, you’ll need to pay special attention to what’s good for your teeth.

Why is sparkling water so dangerous for your smile? It is a very acidic type of water. When acids are added to the water, it may give it that nice carbonated feel as you swallow, but these acids can wreak havoc on your teeth on the way down. Whether it is a flavored sparkling water or a brand of tonic water, the acids can erode the enamel of your teeth with each sip or gulp. Since the enamel is the outer, protective layer of your tooth, when it gets damaged, the tooth is especially vulnerable to decay. Acid erosion can cause sensitivity as well as discoloration, as the inner dentin layer is yellow in nature and becomes more visible when the enamel wears thin.

When trying to quench your thirst, consider the oral health setbacks of choosing sparkling water over non-carbonated water. Furthermore, if you are a bottled water drinker, don’t forget to compliment your water intake with tap water. It may not taste as great, but you’ll be getting vital fluoride minerals for your smile.

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