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Does Your Dental Filling Need Replacement?

Starting from a very young age, you learned that decay (or cavities) was the biggest threat to your oral health. While cavities aren’t the only dental health issue, they are certainly one of the most common – and they aren’t just for kids. Adults can suffer from tooth decay too. In fact, the Centers for

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Top Reasons to Replace a Missing Tooth

Your adult teeth are meant to last a lifetime. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen. Teeth may need to be removed when damage is too extensive to repair, such as after accidental trauma or when there is severe infection or decay. Regardless of how you lost your tooth or where it is in your mouth, it

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Fixing a Gapped Smile

Gaps between a child’s teeth are considered cute and even endearing. Unfortunately, adults don’t get the same reaction. Improper spacing between teeth, especially between the two front teeth, can be a real threat to your self-confidence and quickly distract from your overall smile beauty. The good news is that tooth gaps can be fixed with

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The Link Between Hydration and Oral Health

You probably already know that water is essential to human survival. In fact, our bodies are composed of nearly 60% water. Water allows us to remove wastes, distribute nutrients and keep our skin healthy. But the benefits of H20 don’t stop there. Water is equally important to your oral health, especially if you choose a

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Ways to Prepare for Your Root Canal

Thanks to antiquated techniques and outdated anesthetic methods, root canal therapy has a poor reputation for being a long, invasive and painful procedure. You should know, however, that this endodontic treatment is considered more of a hero than a villain in terms of your oral health. In addition, root canal therapy is not painful. In

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The Truth About Bleeding Gums

Beautiful, cavity-free teeth certainly contribute to a healthy smile. However, your oral health is more than just your teeth, it also involves your gums. Your gums are truly the foundation of your smile. Their condition and health can influence the way your mouth feels and even impact the health of your entire body.   Are

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Signs You Should Consider a Water Flosser

All types of floss are designed to do the same thing – clean between your teeth. In fact, 35% of your tooth’s surface cannot be reached by brushing alone. When areas of your teeth don’t get addressed, a buildup of plaque can develop. When left alone, plaque produces harmful acids that eat away at the

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Can a Cracked Tooth Be Saved?

Your teeth are remarkably strong. Unfortunately, they are not invincible. Teeth can crack or fracture under certain pressures. But don’t panic, a cracked tooth doesn’t mean you will lose your tooth. In fact, it may not even mean that you will need a major or costly repair. Here’s a closer look at what you can

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Is Dental Anxiety Keeping You From a Healthy Smile?

According to WebMD, between 9% and 20% of Americans avoid going to the dentist because of anxiety or fear. If you have an uneasiness about dental care, it is important that you understand the help that is available to you. Avoiding or putting off dental visits can lead to a variety of consequences, including worsening

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