Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom Teeth RemovalThe final molars to arrive are referred to as your wisdom teeth. They are the last four molars in the far back of your mouth. Most people receive their wisdom teeth close to the time they become adults, usually the late teens or early twenties. These late-term molars can cause problems when they appear, which is why they are the most common “healthy” teeth to be removed. At Mitzi Morris, DMD, PC, we offer a caring atmosphere for you or your older child to have a wisdom tooth removal procedure performed to protect your oral and overall health.

Wisdom teeth are large molars, often with up to four roots. Located at the furthest position in the back of the mouth, they may have limited space to erupt. In some cases, there is not enough room left for their arrival. They may push against other teeth, causing pain and misalignment. Wisdom teeth are also prone to growing crooked or sideways, becoming impacted in the gums. When it becomes clear that these teeth are causing problems or may disrupt the health of your mouth, Dr. Morris may recommend that they be proactively removed for your oral health.

Gentle, Painless Oral Surgery

Removing wisdom teeth is a type of oral surgery. Although you may have wisdom teeth that are easily removed, we are careful to ensure that no other damage is done to the surrounding teeth. Often, all four wisdom teeth are removed at one time. This allows our patients to have only one procedure and a quicker overall recovery.

Many of our patients prefer IV sedation for their wisdom tooth removal. You can relax and feel like you are sleeping during your procedure. You will not feel any pain or discomfort while you are under sedation. We will give you detailed instructions before your procedure on how best to care for your gums to minimize any discomfort.

If you or your teen need wisdom tooth removal in Roswell, contact Mitzi Morris, DMD, PC to schedule an appoitnment for you or a family member. We can make the experience as stress free and painless as possible.