Top Ways to Chip a Tooth

Have you ever chipped a tooth? If you have not ever chipped a tooth, you’re a lucky soul because having a chipped tooth is quite common and sometimes happens for no apparent reason. No one tries to chip their teeth, let’s face it a chipped tooth is not nice to look at, they can be uncomfortable and they can cause pain. Often times, people do things regularly that they don’t even realize are common causes for chipping teeth. Here are some of the leading reasons people end up with a chipped tooth. Perhaps by knowing what usually causes a tooth to chip you can avoid a future unwanted occurrence.

Bad habits like chewing on pen caps, chewing ice or biting nails are some of the leading causes of chipped teeth. If you are a perpetual biter or chewer, you are putting your teeth at an increased risk for a chip and unneeded stress. Munching on hard foods like nuts, candy and corn kernels are culprits that often lead to chipping. If you are eating meat with bones, avoid biting down straight onto the bone if possible.

If you or a loved one plays a contact sport, a mouth guard should be worn to protect your teeth and mouth. It is important for athletes to wear a mouth guard during practice and games. There are many types of protective mouth guards, but custom guards made by a dentist often are the most comfortable and protect the best because they are designed specifically to fit your mouth, teeth and bite. Many teeth get chipped as a result of an unfortunate fall or accident during sports.

Bruxism or grinding your teeth is another contributor to chipped teeth. The actual act of grinding may not cause the chipping, but the constant pressure of grinding weakens the teeth, which leads to cracking and chipping. You may think piercing your lip or tongue is a statement of individuality or fashion accessory, but be aware that such piercings are known contributors of chipping, especially if you have a habit of biting on the piercing.

If you have crooked teeth you are more prone to getting a chipped tooth. People become more likely to chip a tooth as they age, as with many parts of the human body, teeth begin to deteriorate and weaken with age. People who don’t have strong dental hygiene habits get chipped teeth easier than people with excellent habits. Cavities and decay can weaken teeth, which can lead to chipping.

Last but not least, using your teeth to open things can lead to a chipped tooth. Teeth are designed to bite and chew food only, so next time you use your teeth to pry open a package do so knowing that it may not end well. If you chip a tooth, call your dentist right away to schedule an appointment to have it repaired and restored.

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