Tooth Pain Relief

Tooth pain can vary from mild, intermittent pain to sharp, throbbing or constant pain. Thus, some individuals experience pain and discomfort when pressure is applied, while others present symptoms such as fever, headache or a bad taste in the mouth. Whatever the case, tooth pain is generally indicative of inflammation. This could point to tooth decay, infection, damage to a tooth, filling damage or from grinding or clenching the teeth.

While only a dental professional can identify the true source of your tooth pain, it’s important to pay attention to the type of pain you’re experiencing. For instance, if your teeth are sensitive, switching to toothpaste designed for sensitive teeth may help. On the other hand, if tooth pain becomes sharp when biting down, if pain lingers after eating certain foods, if your gums are swollen or if symptoms include a headache and pressure in the upper teeth and face, this may indicate an infection or a condition called bruxism.

When it comes to tooth pain, Mitzi Morris, DMD, PC provides invaluable insight into your dental health, with extensive experience and attention to detail in general dentistry. Whether you need over-the-counter medications, therapy using hot or cold packs, or a nightguard or dental work to repair the damage that’s causing your pain, Dr. Morris and her team provide trusted dental care to those in Roswell and surrounding communities.

Treatment for Jaw Pain

When pain develops within the jaw and jaw joint, many individuals begin to experience signs of temporomandibular joint disorder, or TMD. While the exact origin of TMD is unknown, it is believed that bruxism (grinding or clenching one’s teeth), repetitive movement of the soft disc located in the jaw joint, as well as arthritis or stress may be to blame.

Following a complete health history and examination of a patient’s jaw and bite, dentists may provide traditional treatments using NSAIDs for inflammation and pain, muscle relaxers or anti-anxiety medication to combat the effects of stress. If patients are grinding their teeth at night, a customized nightguard will ensure that teeth are in their proper position and are not bearing the weight of heavy clenching. If the biting surfaces of teeth are causing misalignment of a patient’s bite, it may be necessary to replace old fillings, crowns and bridges, or to discuss correction of one’s bite using orthodontics. For tired facial muscles and swollen joints, a number of other remedies may help including TENS therapy, trigger-point injections or radio wave ultrasound therapy to increase blood flow and decrease pain.

Are you suffering from jaw pain? Do you have a feeling of achiness or tiredness in your face? Perhaps you wake up with headaches or ringing in your ears. Dr. Mitzi Morris invites you to contact our office in Roswell today to schedule a consultation to discuss your pain and symptoms. With a variety of treatment options to suit your needs and budget, you can begin to feel better again.