How to Avoid a Dental Dilemma this Holiday Season

As the hustle and bustle of the holidays is upon us we tend to keep a hurried schedule. A dental emergency, such as a root canal, is never a welcomed occurrence, especially around the holidays. Here are a few simple tips to help you avoid a dental dilemma this holiday season.

Use a nut cracker, not your teeth to shell your favorite healthy snack. Bowls of pecans, fresh walnuts and pistachios adorn many holiday tables. Avoid prying open nut shells or trying to crack a stubborn shell with your teeth. Many nut shells are hard enough to crack your teeth causing potentially serious tooth and gum damage.

Avoid using your teeth to pry open a well taped package or to pop the top on your favorite beverage. Many people try to use their teeth to tear ribbon, tape and bags to open gifts, letters, packages and more. Don’t use your teeth for something a scissor, bottle opener or letter opener should open. The delight of opening that special gift will be much more enjoyable with a beautiful healthy smile!

Any time of year it’s important to remember that chewy treats and sugary candies simply are not good for your teeth. Sweet treats that stick to your teeth are chocked full of problematic sugars that cause tooth decay by attacking your tooth enamel. Delicacies like salt water taffy and rich caramels can pull fillings right out of your teeth! Be sure to limit the amount of sticky, sugary confections this holiday season to protect your teeth from potential harm.

As you visit with friends, co-workers and family over the holidays watch what you munch on, especially if you have a tendency to chew ice or bite hard candies. Biting on hard food and ice and crack your teeth and cause tooth sensitivity. Chewing on hard items like ice and candy over stresses teeth. Instead of chewing on ice, slowly let the ice dissolve in your mouth. Same goes with candy, see how long you can make it last – and if you decide you need a hard candy treat, try a sugar free option instead.

We hope you enjoy this special time of year with the people you love the most while avoiding any holiday induced dental dilemmas!

Posted on behalf of Mitzi Morris, DMD, PC