Finding the Right Type of Floss

Many dental patients will admit to having lack-luster flossing habits when it comes to their daily oral hygiene routine. It is a well known fact that daily flossing of teeth is a vitally important step to remove plaque and maintain healthy teeth and gums. If you avoid flossing because it is painful or cumbersome, you probably have not found the right type of dental floss. There are many more choices of dental floss these days, much more than waxed and un-waxed.

If you have braces, sensitive gums, tight fitting teeth or you just have a tough time manipulating floss where you need it to go, there are floss alternatives and specialized flossing products to consider. When you find the right type of dental floss, we bet you may change the way you feel about flossing your teeth.

If you have gums that are sensitive or gums that bleed easily look for a satin or ribbon type of soft dental floss. Satin or ribbon floss is ultra soft, flat and thin. It easily slips between teeth to gently remove plaque and debris at the gum line and in-between teeth. It is gentle on tender gums and provides a painless experience.

For patients with braces we realize flossing can be more difficult, but with special floss like Oral B’s Super Floss, that has a stiff end that can be thread between the wire of braces and a soft spongy component made to glide easily between teeth, flossing with braces is easier than you think. There are a few types of dental floss and flossing products made especially for flossing with braces.

Teaching kids to floss at an early age is important for parents. If flossing is introduced early, it becomes more of a habit. In between the age of 5-7, kids can start flossing themselves. Flossing can be tricky for kids to do by themselves, and even trickier for parents to fit their hands/fingers inside little mouths. Flossing picks or flossers are great for children who have difficulty flossing. Children have more control using a flosser or floss pick and can floss with more accuracy. Floss picks and flossers are not only for children. They are a great flossing alternative for dental patients of all ages.

If you try every type of floss and still don’t like it, or if you have dexterity problems and have problems manipulating floss, you may want to invest in an electric flosser. Oral-B makes an electric flosser called the Hummingbird that gently and efficiently cleans your gums.

Posted on the behalf of Mitzi Morris, DMD, PC