Is Your Detox Water Ruining Your Teeth?

Roswell GA DentistDetox water is one of the latest trends in dieting and wellness. These types of waters promote a natural cleansing in your body. Unfortunately, the main ingredient in most detox water is lemon, which can be helpful to your body but harmful to your teeth.

Whether your detox water involves lemons or other citrus fruits (limes, grapefruit or oranges), you should know what it does to your pearly whites with every sip you take.  These are foods that are highly acidic. When acidic substances come in contact with your teeth, they can eat away at the outer layer (enamel). Once this layer wears thin or gets damaged, the tooth becomes more vulnerable to decay. The tiny blemishes in your enamel that the acids create can be the perfect spot for cavity-causing bacteria to start an infection. You may be left with discoloration across your smile as well as painful sensitivity.

Should you cut out detox water completely? Probably not. Detox water, as well as other acidic foods and drinks, should simply be consumed in moderation. The trouble with detox water is that many people sip on it throughout the day. Be careful of this, as you are giving your teeth an acid bath on a consistent basis. Instead, considering drinking your detox water in the morning. Wait an hour and then brush your teeth.

Other tips for protecting your smile while still letting your body benefit from detox water is to use a straw. You can also drink plain water after you sip your acidic beverage to help wash away the acids and neutralize the pH of your mouth. If you notice any signs of sensitivity, be sure to consult with your dentist sooner rather than later. Your enamel can’t repair itself, so proper measures need to be taken to restore your tooth health.

For more tips on how to protect your teeth from your detox water, call Mitzi Morris, DMD. We offer tooth colored composite fillings and other proven treatments if your teeth have already suffered enamel damage.

Posted on the behalf of Mitzi Morris, DMD, PC

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