Dunwoody Periodontist

Periodontal disease is a serious gum disease that can affect your health and lead to tissue, bone and tooth loss. Our team at Dr. Mitzi Morris, DMD, PC are your local experts to stop, slow and treat all stages of periodontal disease for residents in Dunwoody, Roswell and the surrounding areas. We offer a full range of dental care options, from general and cosmetic dentistry to dental implants and treating all stages of periodontal disease. Our friendly and experienced team of dental experts are dedicated to helping you maintain the highest level of dental health.

Periodontal disease begins with an inflammation and infection of the gums and tissue around the teeth. Excess plaque and eventually tartar can inflame the gums due to a bacterial infection called gingivitis. When left untreated, gingivitis can escalate to periodontal disease, which causes the gums to recede from the teeth and will begin to destroy the gum tissue and bone around the teeth.

Dr. Janet Hiers Sieweke, DMD, MS – Experienced Periodontist

Where many dental practices may refer you to another office to treat later stages of periodontal disease, our dental team includes our own Periodontist Dr. Janet Hiers Sieweke, DMD, MS. Whether you have the beginning stages of periodontal disease or have already progressed to losing tissue and bone, Dr. Janet Hiers Sieweke can offer a treatment plan to slow and even stop the progression of the disease. This can include removing the plaque and tartar or calculus that forms below the gum line to limit the bacteria infection, promoting healthy gums.

Periodontal disease does not need to endanger your health or beautiful smile. If you are looking for a comprehensive dental practice that offers treatment of periodontal disease near Dunwoody, contact our office today to schedule an evaluation.