Be A Straw Sipper

Are you already in the habit of grabbing a straw for your beverage? Perhaps you only do it in restaurants. Using a straw to drink is a good idea no matter where you are or what you are drinking. Not only are you choosing a convenient and tidy way to drink, but you are also gaining significant benefits to your smile. A straw is a valuable tool to prevent tooth staining, enamel erosion and bacteria exposure.

Avoid Stains: It may be hard to get used to the act of drinking your coffee through a straw, but you will certainly be protecting a whiter smile if you do. Dark beverages such as coffee, tea or red wine can easily stain your teeth, especially because they are often sipped slowly and allowed to bathe your pearly whites for a longer period of time. Use a straw to decrease direct contact with drinks that can stain your teeth.

Enamel Protection: Many of the drinks we consume today are either high in sugar or highly acidic, or both. Neglecting to use a straw when you drink juices, sodas or even sports drinks means that you are allowing direct contact between these substances and your teeth. Immersing your pearly whites in sugary acidic liquid can damage your tooth enamel and launch the tooth decay process. After all, a cavity needs sugar and acid to grow. The good news is that while you should limit these drinks altogether for a healthier smile, you can at least use a straw to dramatically reduce your tooth exposure and protect your dental health.

Reduce Germs: You may not have to be concerned with this at home as much as in restaurants or other public places, but if you reach for a straw instead of putting your mouth directly on the glass or mug, you can avoid germs and bacteria exposure. Even if your glass was properly sanitized and washed, there are likely still bacteria hanging out on the rim from other people handling it. A straw helps you enjoy your beverage of choice without the worry of germs invading your mouth.

Using a straw is a small task that holds huge benefits for your smile. Do you plan to use one more frequently?

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