5 Reasons For Tooth Extraction

With the proper care and attention, your teeth can last a lifetime. If they do get damaged or begin to fail, there are many ways your dentist can repair them. However, when a tooth is damaged beyond what a root canal, filling or crown can restore, it may need to be extracted. In fact, there are several reasons why pulling a tooth is in your best interest.

If you suffer from the following, a tooth extraction may be warranted:

Advanced Gum Disease: If gum disease is left untreated, it causes deep pockets to form in your gums. As these soft tissues continue to pull away from you tooth root, the tooth can become loose.  In such cases, tooth extraction (along with gum disease therapy) is necessary. 

Tooth Trauma or Injury: If your tooth was broken or severely fractured during a mouth injury, it may be beyond what a dental crown or bonding can repair. Broken teeth may need extraction followed by a dental implant to restore your smile. 

Extensive Decay: When decay invades the inner layers of a tooth, it can begin to die. A root canal can often save a tooth that is severely infected or decayed, but not always. If your tooth’s structure is too weak to support a crown, removing the tooth altogether may be best.

Prior to Orthodontics: Young patients entering into the first phases of orthodontics may be told that they need one or more teeth removed to alleviate crowding and facilitate more effective treatment.

Wisdom Teeth Threat: Wisdom teeth are among the most commonly extracted teeth. These are the third and final set of molars to emerge. Unfortunately, they tend to erupt incorrectly and cause disruptive problems within the mouth. When wisdom teeth don’t have enough room to grow in properly, they can become impacted or emerge sideways and need to be taken out. 

At Mitzi Morris, DMD, removing your natural teeth is always a last resort. However, if an extraction can benefit your current or future smile health, we take extra measures to make sure it is a seamless process with minimal discomfort.


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