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Whether you have a growing child or you like to graze, what you choose to snack on can have a major impact on your energy and your overall health. Furthermore, what you grab to munch on in between meals can also affect your smile. While avoiding certain foods and drinks can protect your teeth and gums from damage, there are some options that can actually promote a healthier smile.


Did you know that cheese can actually neutralize acid levels inside your mouth? This protects the enamel of your teeth and minimizes the likelihood of decay. Yogurt and other dairy products can have the same effect but research shows that hard cheeses are the most effective.

Fresh, Crispy Produce

Fresh fruits and vegetables are always a good choice for your body health. However, the act of chewing crispy produce does your mouth a favor too. Your gums get a nice massage and healthy stimulation, and your teeth get an easy natural cleansing. In addition, the nutrients inside most fruits and veggies can boost your immune system, which also boosts your smile health.


This may surprise you since popcorn is known for getting stuck in your teeth. However, unless you are wearing braces, popcorn is actually a great snack for your smile. Popcorn has a fibrous quality that cleanses your teeth as you munch. This effectively clears away the plaque biofilm that accumulates on your pearly whites throughout the day. Of course, keep your floss handy in case you need it!

Nuts and Fish

Nuts and fish are known for their abundance of omega-3 fatty acids. These nutrients are essential for a strong immune system, which helps your body fight off oral health conditions like gum disease.

Regardless of what you choose to snack on throughout the day, it is always a good idea to drink water after eat or drink, especially if you don’t have a toothbrush on hand. This rinses away the harmful bacteria and acids that are left behind. Chewing a piece of sugarless gum can also do the trick. At Mitzi Morris DMD, we know that your diet plays a vital role in your oral health. If you think your snack choices are sabotaging your smile, let’s discuss it! 

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