The Power of ZOOM! . . .

A smile can warm the heart and melt the soul. Studies show that a smile is the first thing people notice about the opposite sex and the very top characteristic that attracts people to others. A smile can say so many things from hello, to I’m sorry, yes and I love you. Have you considered what your smile says to people? Years of wear and tear, bad habits and natural aging cause your teeth to lose their luster, but all of that can change with one trip to the dentist. If your smile is not as bright or white as it used to be, perhaps it’s time to consider the power of ZOOM! Teeth Whitening.

You can change the appearance of your teeth in just about an hour with ZOOM! This effective whitening procedure is performed under the close eye of an experienced dentist. ZOOM! Teeth Whitening is a revolutionary in office system that whitens and brightens yellow or stained teeth from 6 to 10 times whiter in about an hour. Different than many take home systems that can take days or weeks, ZOOM! produces instant results. If you have an important meeting, a pending interview, a blind date or family pictures, ZOOM! Teeth Whitening can brighten your smile and whiten your teeth, breathing new life into your lack luster smile.

ZOOM! (by Philips) is professional teeth whitening and is the number one patient recommended teeth whitening system available. This particular type of teeth whitening is administered in your dentist’s office and can produce customized results. This cosmetic procedure is both safe and healthy for smiles. Ask your dentist today if ZOOM! Teeth Whitening can help you achieve a smile that makes you want to smile!

Posted on behalf of Mitzi Morris, DMD, PC