Roswell Periodontist

For the most advanced options in dentistry, including periodontal treatment, you can trust the experienced team at Dr. Mitzi Morris, DMD, PC for all your dental needs in Roswell. Periodontal disease, often referred to as advanced gum disease, is an infection and inflammation of the gums and bones that surround the teeth. This disease is most commonly caused by excess plaque, tartar and bacteria that can cause the gums to pull away from the teeth and eventually lead to tissue, bone and even tooth loss.

At Mitzi Morris, DMD, PC, our team is dedicated to helping our patients fight periodontal disease with the help of our Periodontist, Dr. Janet Hiers Sieweke, DMD, MS. Instead of sending our patients to another dental office, we have the expertise on staff to handle most dental problems, including treating periodontal disease, offering dental implants, cosmetic dentistry and general dental procedures.

Dr. Janet Hiers Sieweke, DMD, MS – Experienced Periodontist

If you have periodontal disease, the most important step you can take is limiting further damage to the tissue and bones surrounding your teeth. Our experienced Periodontist Dr. Janet Hiers Sieweke, DMD, MS, can examine your teeth and gums to determine the best course of action to deter any further bone loss to protect your teeth. Dr. Sieweke can offer treatments and solutions for all stages of periodontal disease, starting with controlling early stages of the disease to offering more advanced treatments for those who already are experiencing bone loss.

Don’t let periodontal disease ruin your beautiful smile! Our friendly team here at Mitzi Morris, DMD, PC can get you started on a treatment plan to control your periodontal disease and help you reduce tissue, bone and tooth loss. Contact us today to schedule an appointment to begin treatment with our on-staff Periodontist Dr. Janet Hiers Sieweke, DMD, MS.